Art Classes

At Wild Pigments Art Studio, we offer art classess for all ages.

Please Note:  Our weekly art classes are run all year long.  Anyone can join in at any point, regardless of the schedule,  and fees will be adjusted.

Kids Art classes

Introducing art at an early age is a great way to help develop fine motor skills and imagination.  We will have lots of fun while being creative. Projects range from simple drawings, colouring or painting to some good messy crafts. For older kids, we will create many forms and styles of art.   There will be an emphases on drawing to develop a good solid base in art. As well as coloured pencil, markers, pastels, painting, sculpture and papier-mache.  We provide a fun and safe atmosphere for kids to get creative and use their imagination.  Some art history will also be taught in a fun and creative way.

Teen Art classes 

We will explore a lot of different styles and mediums. Drawing, coloured pencils, pastels, ink, watercolour, acrylic painting, and even some sculpture.  Teens love the variety of trying something new.  We will have great music playing to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Wild Pigments can also help you develop your portfolio by following all of the requirements requested by the institution you are applying to.  Our track record for students being accepted due to their portfolios developed at this art studio is excellent.  We create pieces that will stand out.

Adults Art Classes

All skill levels are very welcome. Individual learning and attention is offered. Students can select the type and style of art they would like to learn. Choose from basic drawing, coloured pencil, pastels, pen & ink, watercolour, oil or acrylic painting and mixed media.

Don’t forget to check out our Special Events page for awesome workshops!!!!