Weekly Art Classes

We offer art classes all year.  Although we have sessions, you can join in at any point as long as there is space available.  Fees are adjusted so you only start paying when you start your program.  Adult and teen classes continue in the summer months but kid’s classes do not.  There are kid’s camps and workshops available throughout the summer.

We like to be flexible.  You can create your own program (adult and teens only – sorry not for the kids classes).  Please contact us to arrange this.

Missed Classes

Any missed classes can be made up in another scheduled class as long as it is done before the end of that session.  Make-up classes can not be carried over to the next session.  Make up classes should be arranged ahead of time.


Payments should be done before or at the beginning of classes and workshops. Full payment if preferred but a payment arrangement can be made if requested. We accept email transfers, cash, cheques, debit and credit.  Refunds are not available for anything cancelled by yourself.  A credit only for any outstanding amount is issued.  If the studio cancels anything then refunds are available.

Art projects left at the studio

Most people leave their art projects at the studio until they are finished which is not a problem.  Some people leave projects behind and never pick them up. Projects that have been abandoned for over three months will be thrown away.


Studio Hours

Varied and sometimes all over the place.  Which is why I do not post hours. There are scheduled classes and workshops.  In between these class times, we are in and out of the studio. So our hours are by chance or by appointment.   You are welcome to come into the studio to check it out but it is best to contact to make sure someone is there first or set up an appointment.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.  Call, email or drop by. Contact info is on the contact page of this website.